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System Analysis Development

ERP | CRM | DMS | SC-M | BackOffice Multi-Empresas

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

Document Management System

Supply Chain-Management



Computer Technology Audits

Everything for a better practice and security at your fingertips.

In-depth determination of the proper use of the company’s resources.

Security and Backup of information.

Better practices.

Parcel in use and exploitation as well as licensing.

Compliance with Sofware Development and Registration.

Methodologies as an intangible asset.


Platforms AML

Protection against money laundering.

systems for best practices with notices and compliance with obligations.

Due diligence.

Supervision of operational and corporate transactions.

Regulatory Reports.


Finance and Banking Position
Developments according to your need.

Development of Interfaces that allow decision-making based on planning and flows. 



Payroll Systems

Development of Payroll Systems or implementation of interfaces with other systems to streamline the accounting, tax, operational and finacial area.



Applications for Tax Certificates (XML) vs Accounting vs Operation

Massive download of XMLs from the SAT portal to carry out audits of accounting and operational content.

Software Development

Development of hotel software or real estate administration s well as administrative and fiscal management.

Call Center

Implementation of Call Center including operational logistics in different lines with linkage to inventories for sales promotion.


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