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We are a young group of investors with experience and innovative ideas that we diversify in several business activities nationwide, aimed at highlighting services and products of high level and quality.

Our expansion continues throughout the country, with expectations of crossing borders.


We are a company dedicated to advise, implement, operate and maintain technology solutions that allow our customers to increase their competitiveness. Offering an integral solution with the purpose of creating or developing easy-to-use software, which has outstanding levels of profitability, quality, presence and influence in the market.


We intend to be a benchmark in the national market in the ICT sector, and for this we will cover all the services we currently offer increasing those that arise due to the need for change caused by technological advances. This is because we are a company in constant innovation since the technology sector requires it.


Develop computer applications, with the purpose and ability to meet business needs and make them better organizations in their labor, financial, administrative and economic fields.


Our values on which this strategy of growth and differentiation in the service is based are:

  • Teamwork. Promoting and supporting a homogeneous, versatile and interdepartmental team.
  • Collaboration. We integrate with our clients to improve the quality with them to meet their needs.
  • Service.  We fulfill our commitments and we are responsible for our performance in all our decisions and actions, based on a great willingness to serve by and for our clients.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement. We realize the importance of looking to the future, therefore, we offer the latest in the market to provide optimal support and service to our customers.
  • Transparency.  The involvement and commitment of the staff would not be possible without absolute transparency in the processes, providing the staff with the maximum information of the company.
  • Training.The company is concerned with continuous training in all areas.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. We actively contribute to social, economic and environmental improvement, to improve our competitive and value situation.
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    C.P. 82120 Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

    +52 669 194 0201


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